About SearchAll.site

SearchAll.site is powered by a unique search engine that allows website owners to bid on result page placement for the relevant keywords and phrases associated with their website. Our service can be described as "Pay For Position". Advertisers bid what they are willing to pay for each visitor that clicks on their link. The advertiser who bids the highest is placed at the top of the results, the second highest is placed next, and so on.

SearchAll.site is great for both visitors and advertisers! Visitors, when searching for something, will see the most relevant sites associated with that keyword. It's also great for website owners because they can bid as little as a penny!

 Where else on the Internet can you get 1000 targeted visitors to your website for only $10? Unlike some search engines that force you to bid 5 cents or more, our service is more affordable for the little guys! If you have a website why not Join Today? Add your site today and test drive SearchAll.site for free!  Yes, for free!  We will deposit $10 in your account, which is good for up to 1000 hits to your site!

 Info for Advertisers

With bids starting as low as $0.01 per click you can get 1000 targeted visitors for only $10. A $200 investment could give you up to 20,000 visitors. If 1% of those place an order that is 200 new orders! You can get started for Free.  We will deposit $10 in your account immediately,  so why not sign-up today?